About Jorge by George

An animal lover, with a particular attachment to canines, Jorge by George draws inspiration from my seven year old maltipoo, George.  The most handsome, curious, charismatic, and all around top dog that I have ever encountered, I am constantly fascinated by the radiant joy and love he brings about in others.  Jorge by George is a product of this feeling.

About Rebecca G.

Born and raised in Charlotte, NC with summers spent on Seabrook Island, Rebecca has always had a strong attachment to the ocean and water, producing a unique concept of beauty and inspiration.  "There is beauty in everything, usually most obvious in finite details", she is quoted as saying.  Encouraged by her grandmother at a young age, she has always found harmony in artistic endeavors.

"I have been fortunate to travel and have also lived in many places, which I feel has positively broadened my scape and concept", she says.  Spending her college years in Chapel HIll, NC, then living in St John, USVI followed by Charleston, SC. 

This collection, she says, draws from her time spent in TX.  "My eyes were opened to a new standard of design.  A lot of what I have seen here, architecturally, in the landscape itself, or even in the home, it is all very different, very unique."


Rebecca and George currently reside in Austin, TX.